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Mr. Dharam Singh





Dear Students,


It gives me immense pleasure to open website for our Vidyalaya. This will act as a window that opens the universe of Knowledge for the students. It will increase the accessibility of our Vidyalaya to the outer world. Introduction of website will provide ample opportunity to our children and parents to have up to date knowledge about KV Gajj.

 I do hope, we can perform the onerous task of maintaining and enhancing the standards of excellence in all fields to ensure that the institution grows from strength to strength preparing  students equipped with the requisite skills and knowledge. Our aim is not only academic excellence but also to provide a holistic environment for the all-round development of each individual student. I shall try to bridge the minds and create a common cultural arena for all with the unflinching support of the staff and the parents. All the co-curricular activities such as debate, poetry recitation, action song , group song and storytelling etc. as well as sports competitions are organized on inter house basis. I hope, the students, teachers and parents will utilize this modern and easy pathway to the world of knowledge meaningfully.  

The Vidyalaya is proud of its great team of dedicated teachers and other members of staff who have won respect from the society with their good work and sincerity.

 I look forward to have a long and fruitful association with the school.